Cool, Smart, Talented People CSTP Class

Mrs. Anderson knew the future was bright for her class of smart, talented kids. You just had to look past the dork factor. She knew that only the cool kids would make it into SSU.

...as for the rest, well - she supposed that someone had to grow up to be dentists.



Jake learned how to use his first power tool at age 2, and he never looked back.

Don't mess with Jake, he has tools and he's not afraid to use them. He learned how to build playhouses, tree forts, a shop, and how to stake a site - don't think he can't figure out how to build a pine box.



Some called him visionary; others thought he was a player - either way, it worked.

Have no fear, Steve is here. Armed with nothing more than a bath towel, Steve's super powers are limited only by his creativity. And gravity. Why does he let his inner superhero shine? Because he wants to save the world one community at a time - and because the chicks dig it.



He had more fun on the way to work than most people had all weekend.

Wicked fast car? Check. Tad got his first car at age 4 and has had the need for speed ever since. 30 years and 20 cars later, Tad still can't wait to hit the road. Fortunately the hills are easier these days.



Don't hate me because I'm smarter than you.

Suzie was always the smartest kid in the class. Her take-no-prisoners style at the annual MathCounts competition was legendary. She eventually had to build an addition to display all of her awards and diplomas.

Her classmates still rue the day she got that calculator.



Effective communication doesn't have to take time.

John had heard that communication was an important work skill, but he felt non-stop jabbering was just too unproductive. So, he invented a mindreading machine. Didn't everyone?

Thought so.



Motivation trumps patience every time.

Marty always knew he was going to fly, and his parents where saving up for flight school. Maybe they shouldn't have left with all that cardboard and duct tape laying around. It turns out that he wasnt so much of a patient man as a rocket man.



If you're not the lead dog, the scenery can still be exhilarating.

Julie loved sports and, really, any social activity. With the wind in her hair or the microphone in her hand, she was undaunted as long as she was with her friends. She might not have always been the leader of the pack, but she was always happy to be one of the dawgs, Yo.



It's hard to be crabby on the back of a horse.

Bob was a real cowboy, and he was rarely seen without his trusty steed, Rocky. The two were simpatico and no matter where they were or what they were doing, they were smiling. Not so unusual for Bob - he was a generally happy guy - but Rocky was known to be more of the surly type.

Attitude is everything, pick a good one.



All for one and one for all!

Luis loved the ladies, and was a champion swordsman. He was very passionate about this collaboration and he was rarely seen without the company of his entire team. Or harem.




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