Abandoned Mine Lands Investigation

Abandoned Mines

Sanderson Stewart's Environmental Group made preliminary evaluations of over 100 abandoned mining properties for potential hazardous wastes or existing environmental problems. This project included thorough investigation of proprietary records, evaluation of potential risks to human health and the environment related to site conditions, and assessment of potential environmental liability.

Client: Various

NEPA Compliance

Nepa Compliance

Sanderson Stewart's Environmental Group has performed and managed the environmental tasks required by the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) for MDT for the design and construction of roads and bridges. This work included hazordous materials/substances and water quality assessment and investigation, geotechnical evaluation, cultural resource management, wetlands delineation, mitigation and permitting, biological resouces assessment and impact analysis, coordination of inter-agency requirements, development of environmental documents, environmental permitting, traffic noise impact assessment, and air quality assessment. Our Environmental Group has also been responsibe for sediment and erosion control plans for these projects.

Client: Montana Department of Transportation

Smelter Area


Sanderson Stewart environmental personnel performed feasibility study work that included a cost-benefit analysis of re-vegetation techniques for tailings and impacted soils. The analysis included an evaluation of effectiveness of techniques, practical considerations of implementability, and cost analysis. This work included the development of remedial alternatives and technical impracticability reports.

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